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  • Visite 250 websites daily, earn $700 per month

    By sign up Clicksee worker's account you are able to work online anywhere in the world. In our worker's account we give you our advertisers websites to visit by following RPV (Required Page Views). There is no fix income. But If you visit 250 websites per day by following RPV (Required Page Views) & work 30 days you can earn approximately $700 per month

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    Set up a Clicksee campaign within a few minutes and increase your ranking and visibility already today Served in more than 200 countries across the globe. Select any country in your campaign. Clicksee offer an advance RPV technology to its advertisers, its mean Required Page View. The advertisers able to change RPV value from 1 up to 5. Clicksee workers can visit its sub pages up to the RPV Value.

  • Invite your friends & earn $2 per referral

    By each referral sign up $2 will be added to your account. We pay only through smart card provided by Clicksee, you can withdraw your earning amount from any smart card accepted ATM, your smart card will be sent to the provided address. Please complete all fields that apply to your address, such as a full name, full street name and house or apartment number, and accurate city, and country

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  • Visite 250 websites daily, earn $700 per month
    Invite your friends & earn $2 per referral
    Sign up as Clicksee worker's account and work online anywhere in the world.
    Sign up as clicksee advertiser's account and increase your website & facebook page ranking with in few minuts.
    Do not signup multi Advertisers accounts.
    Do not signup multi Workers accounts.
    Workers must required to follow RPV (Required Page Views).

    Terms And Conditions are very simple please read carefully
    Clicksee want to work with you but if you not follow our simple Terms And Conditions we reserve the right to disable your worker account or refund your unpaid balance to our Advertisers.